asked Dec 06 '16 at 16:04 by pboy (102)

I've been working very successfully now in Bitwig on Windows 7 for two weeks. Yesterday something dreadful slagged me: all my presets and templets were suddenly not showing up in the BWS browser or by the "Open New from Template" command. I have a big collection of presets that are both made on this Windows 7 machine and created on a OS X machine.

The location, on the Win box, where I keep my library is

"Libraries / Documents / My Documents / Bitwig Studio / Library..."

This location worked fine for two weeks on the PC, but now my stuff is not detected by BWS. I'm noting that new presets and templates that I save are kept in the BWS library but not saved as files at that location. So I'm wondering how to reset BWS to look at the correct location for my User Library?

First of all, double check that all the files are actually still there, using Finder or Windows Explorer. Then go to the browser panel configuration (look for the gear icon in the header of the browser panel), and make sure the path under My Library is correct.


answered Dec 07 '16 at 10:18 by fredrik (136)

Thanks, I finally got my system back in place again. Lovely! I had forgotten about this part of the preferences optiosn being accessible through inside the browser panel. A bit confusing for newbies I thing; normally you would make such changes from the main Preferences panel/window/menu.


answered Dec 07 '16 at 11:00 by pboy (102)

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