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I've asked bitwig tech support SEVERAL times, with no response whatsoever, so I am asking the community: What resources from Bitwig can be moved to an external drive and how do you move them? I may have an answer to the second one, but I am not clear on the first. What can be, and should be, safely moved to an external drive, to improve performance?


Well at least you can have all the Bitwig packages on an external drive, if you've got them installed in the first place. (Open Package Manager and choose the "Install to" folder somewhere on your external). If you've got a USB3/Thunderbolt/FW800 drive I think you should be fine. But his may not give you any performance boost thou. Free up some space yes.

And naturally all your personal sound content can be on external also. (In the "gear" menu, "Sound Content Locations")

Hope this helps, cheers.

Edit. And to move them, well just copy the files normally in explorer/finder and point them in the new directions in Bitwig as I've noted above.


answered Dec 09 '16 at 21:09 by mgaw (268)

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I wanted to say thank you, as that solved my problem. I am hoping that I don't have anything duplicated on my machine, however I will give bitwig credit in how cleanly they made the process.

Changing location (originally the documents folder on mac) automatically moves all your resources from their original location, to the new location, however, to be safe, after doing that, I uninstalled everything, then reinstalled in the new location (a secondary internal 1TB SSD)

It actually HAS improved performance, slightly, eliminating most of the crackling I was getting before.

  — (Jan 12 '17 at 20:58) Civa

Good to hear! And yes bitwig behaves pretty well. For eg for samples you can have various folder wherever you'd like ect and they update automaticly. Even the plugins update and normally there's no need to restart bitwig. Cheers.

  — (Jan 12 '17 at 21:05) mgaw

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