asked Dec 07 '16 at 22:17 by Gülkan (11)


I am going for chopping up samples in Bitwig and playing them via the drum machine. My problem is: In Ableton u could choose when doing SLICE TO DRUM RACK which preset u wanted to use. I used Sentz Preset cuz it gave me some really nice macros e.g. the sample release time.

This is crucial to me since the sound instantly stops in Bitwig when u let go off the pad. Is there a preset or a way to get some kind of MPC preset with adjustable macros?

Any help is very appreciated!!!


Is my question understandable? Or am I just 2 stupid to either explain it correctly or know how to use it?


answered Dec 14 '16 at 06:57 by Gülkan (11)

I'm not sure if this will help, but the preset side your looking for, I could not find in bitwig unless it hidden in preferences somewhere you can slice to drum rack easy though with a right click on the clip but I saw no preset option. Hopefully someone else can chime in if they find it.


answered Dec 14 '16 at 15:34 by Black-Star (35)

I think there's no slicing presets at the moment, apart from how and where you want the audio clip to be sliced at. But the release thing you can change easily by adjusting the release time on one sample, to say 10s, and then right click on the release and choose "Copy value to all layers". The same works with any parameter in the sampler.

Don't know what macros you'd want, but those you have to pretty much set up yourself, I'm afraid.


answered Dec 15 '16 at 20:15 by mgaw (268)

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