asked Dec 10 '16 at 08:15 by pboy (102)

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When I have recorded MIDI it doesn't play back. Doesn't drive the VST instrument on the instrument track. Is there some setting to switch that makes a recorded region start driving the track's devices?

I'm playing MIDI into BWS from a Push#1, in case that has to do with the problem. Oh, and the instrument is Kontakt - but I can see by the Arpeggiator earlier in the device chain that no MIDI Notes are streaming.

(edit:) Now I just found out that a programmed MIDI regions, that does play back fine over a VST instrument, stops to stream MIDI data if copy-dragged to a new instrument track. It doesn't make sense at all.

Hi there, not sure what you do not make it work. :)
Is there an instrument on the track you copy the note clip to?


answered Dec 16 '16 at 09:02 by fredrik (186)

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