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(SOLUTION BELOW) Original Post - I have AVlinux 2016, a Yamaha UR44 USB soundcard, Yamaha P-120 digital piano (defined as a "generic" midi controller) connected to the ur44 with standard midi cables. USEFUL BACKGROUND INFO: The UR44 and digital piano both work perfectly with all win 10 hosting DAWs such as Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton and more. I have also sucessfuly used Reaper on Linux via WINE, but that's doing something easy the hard way. I became interested in Bitwig only because it is purported as being Linux capable. I find Bitwig is not at all Linux capable with my indicated hardware and AVlinux. I cannot simultaneously record audio and midi. With a ridiculous amount of terminal commands and manipulating menu entries I have recorded and played some audio and I have recorded and played some midi, but never BOTH simultaneously, because it appears JACK and ALSA clearly are not "team players." THE PROBLEM: There are literally hundreds of posts on how to deal with an audio recording problem OR a midi recording problem, (none of which indicate a similar OS and hardware situation), but nobody with a similar hardware and problem has provided direction for setup and recording BOTH audio and midi in Bitwig at the same time. THE QUESTION: Is there one among the Bitwig users who has overcome my problem with my hardware and OS who can give a solution not requiring reprogramming my Linux Distro, installing another Linux Distro, or suggesting I find different audio hardware?

SOLUTION: First thing I did is dump AVlinux and replace it with Ubuntu 16.04, as suggested by Bitwig support. However, I still had the original problem because of two factors. CAUSE 1: I also use Ardour on Linux (NOT thru wine) Linux Ardour. If Ardour uses jack connections and Bitwig using Jack are used in same computer session without a computer restart, Jack resources are apparently in conflict and it's no deal. CAUSE 2: After getting my proper Jack settings for Bitwig thru qjackctl, I need to start qjackctl before starting Bitwig even though it is not a stated requirement that I see for this newer release. Bitwig requires both Jack and ALSA settings in qjackctl because Jack does not address midi in itself. (On Ardour 5 I now use ALSA only to connect and it works just fine.) That's part of the solution - make sure something else is not in conflict with Bitwig for resources. However on Bitwig, ALSA settings alone won't work for my equipment. Maybe somebody else has a totally ALSA solution for Linux Bitwig, but not me. I use qjackctl for Bitwig audio connections. SUMMARY: After making sure Ardour is set up using ALSA only, (assuming you too might use more than one Linux DAW), obviously close all open DAWs, then restart qjackctl before starting Bitwig. With the equipment stated above, using Ubuntu 16.04, NOT AVlinux, Bitwig simultaneously records and plays audio and midi perfectly. (Ardour using ALSA only works perfectly as well. Hope this helps somebody to be a musician instead of a computer software technician.

Hope this helps somebody to be a musician instead of a computer software technician.

That's a huge bummer so far. Thanks for sharing all the info.


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I have found with an Axiom 25, that if I start Jack with the Axiom switched off or disconnected, then start Bitwig, and only then switch on/plug in the Axiom, Bitwig can grab it before Jack, and it all works as it should. I have used both Bitwig's generic MIDI keyboard controller, and Jürgen Moßgraber's GenericFlexi from his most excellent DrivenByMoss extension with this method. So, to recap:

1 Disconnect USB MIDI keyboard

2 Start QJackCtl

3 Start Bitwig

4 Connect USB MIDI keyboard

5 Make beautiful music

If you change drivers from within Bitwig, the ever-diligent Jack will steal your keyboard away again, so after changing drivers, you have to shut down Bitwig, disconnect the keyboard, and repeat the above.


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