asked Dec 16 '16 at 19:06 by Curtsong (11)

First of all. I'm a new user coming from the platform of Studio One and Reason. I'm really enjoying this BitWig Platform. Very creative. I'm enjoying the learning curve.

My question is about File Folders for BitWig. Bitwig seems to require that we use the C: drive for the Library and Project folders. I realize that I left the default locations alone. I've changed the folder locations in the Browser-Configurations. The Preferences don't allow changing of the location of folders other than the Cache folder, which should be left on the C: drive. But, I'd like to move the packages and Library and Project folders to another drive to conserve for space on my C: drive. Also, when I export audio it defaults to saving files to the C: drive Project folders even If I do Move the folders to another drive.

Best regards. :)

Did you get any answer on this? I'm trying to keep my C drive clean, with just the OS and a few applications (such as Bitwig). Though on version 2.2.3 I'm able to specify an export folder, the export goes right back to the C drive, under Documents, where I'd rather not have any of it reside. Any solution I'm missing?


answered Feb 14 '18 at 14:01 by noomninam (11)

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answered May 25 at 05:58 by goalken (0)

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