asked Dec 18 '16 at 13:28 by pboy (102)

What does this Windows 7 error message mean?

Could not open project

Error extracting required files from project's attachments: invalid entry CRC (expected 0xb2ce009 but got 0x286eb576)

I had done nothing unusual; just the same working procedure that has always been fine with Bitwig:

  1. Composing the music.
  2. Rebooting computer with 48kHz audio interface and rendering a dithered 16 bit 48k master for my client.
  3. Rebooting computer with 44,1 kHz audio interface and rendering the dithered 16 bit 44,1 kHz version for my client.
  4. Rebooting computer with the 48 kHz audio interface to start working on next cue/piece/track.

It was after step #4, above, that Bitwig hanged Windows7 on launch with the quoted error message. Please look into this ASAP, because I'm now having about two hours admin work before I'm starting to lose money if I can't get the hands-on music production working in Bitwig. Plan B, that I will then be forced to go with, is to move my work into Logic and keep on with a less powerful Apple PC (not my favored scenario).

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