asked Jan 04 '17 at 09:29 by antic604 (673)

Hi there,

For now I'm only trying the demo before deciding to buy the full version and my main problem is that my Arturia MiniLab controller doesn't work properly. If I let Bitwig recognise it, it will map the knobs to volume & pan on mixer, but the piano keys don't produce any sound (with properly set up instruments, that work e.g. in piano roll edit). The same thing happens if I decide to use either of the Generic controller presets, i.e. I can freely map the knobs, but the keys don't make a sound.

To check if the fault is not with the keyboard, I verified it in other DAWs: Renoise, Live Lite and Studio One 3; as well as in Arturia's own Analog Lab - it works perfectly fine in all of those.

I'd be grateful for any tips on what might be the problem, because this will make or break my purchasing decision.

Kind regards, Artur

Hello Artur, please make sure you arm the track. It's the button next to Solo and Mute in the track header. Once the track is armed it should receive notes from your keyboard.


answered Jan 04 '17 at 12:01 by fredrik (186)

No, nothing will be recorded unless you hit the record button in the transport.


answered Jan 04 '17 at 12:07 by fredrik (186)

Ok, I'll try that, but won't "arming" the track cause the notes to be recorded? I just want to try the sound, play around with chord ideas, etc. before I start editing the MIDI notes.


answered Jan 04 '17 at 12:06 by antic604 (673)

Oh, if that's the case then great. Thanks a lot!!! I'll post feedback when I'm able to test it in the evening! :)


answered Jan 04 '17 at 12:09 by antic604 (673)

Hi Fredrik,

Indeed, this was the case it wasn't working for me - before I plugged my controller I disabled automatic "arming" when track or instrument is selected (thinking it means automatic recording), so all's solved now.

Thanks a lot for your help! :)

Kind regards, Artur


answered Jan 05 '17 at 08:39 by antic604 (673)

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