asked Jan 04 '17 at 20:57 by Veiss (97)

Currently it seems the browser will only focus on relative things based on certain items, device, cell, track, etc.

It would be great if for example I had an audio file in a cell and if I press B while that cell is selected it would take me to that file in the browser. This way I could jump right to the next file after that one or just see what other files are in that location. The browser likes to reset to it's default unfiltered state pretty often and I find it annoying spending more time in the browser than I'd like to. The file location is added to the browser and the initial sample was selected from the browser as well. Going back to that place in the file list upon reopening the browser with that cell selected would be ideal most of the time.

A relative issue - since my last post about the Mini browser no longer being in Bitwig I have placed lots of my frequently used devices and clips on a track and grabbing them when I need them with a single click and drag vs. going into the browser and finding it with multiple clicks.

The browser is a complex thing, I'm happy Bitwig has taken it as far as it has(MUCH better than Ableton's) but along with all the other awesome features of Bitwig that I have seen increase efficiency, I feel this one still has room to grow.

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