asked Jan 25 '14 at 13:12 by tsonic (91)

Not a majorly important q, but being a logic user I'm finding myself constantly pressing 'm' to mute clips and midi notes, only of course to see the mixer window pop up. Is there another keyboard shortcut for muting ? - I couldn't find one.

Also - I'm habitually scrolling the mouse wheel on the arrange page and in the devices/browser section, thinking it'll work. Any plans to implement this - it's a bit fiddly and workflow stalling to grab the thin side bar to navigate up and down. I see the keyboard arrows work, but they're of course slower.

+1 to Mute shortcut!


answered Feb 01 '14 at 17:16 by elemental (391)

Regarding a shortcut for mute. I've not seen one. There is a brilliant script for Live called Selected Track Control, and I'm hoping he might do one for Bitwig eventually. I mainly used its keyboard shortcuts.

When you say a keyboard is slower do you mean you are actually selecting items in rapid succession by holding the key, rather than actual true scrolling (where you don't have to have anything selected)? This is slower of course. I use actual keyboard scrolling which is as fast as you want, but it's a Mac-only method, and it's custom. The Mac trackpad is also very fast. I also have a 3M vertical mouse but that works by grabbing and so is quite slow. I don't have a mouse with a scroll wheel to try. I'm assuming you are on PC? What about trying a trackpad for PC? These give easy horizontal and vertical scrolling.


answered Jan 27 '14 at 10:38 by wiggy (300)

Hi, yes I'm on a mac, but don't use a trackpad. Re. the keyboard is slower - I mean using the kbd up/down arrows to scroll up and down when navigating fx/files etc in the browser/device window, rather than using the narrow sidebar (which is very quick, much more so than using the arrows). I just mentioned really as I'm instinctively scrolling my mouse wheel, expecting the same to happen (and on the arrange page too, if you have a lot of tracks and need to scroll up and down). Just little things that could help workflow I think. Mute shortcut would be very convenient - but maybe it's down to how you use bitwig - I'm finding I'm not using the clip launcher, but am constructing tracks directly in the arrange page (am writing soundtrack material).


answered Jan 27 '14 at 12:40 by tsonic (91)

The target action in the keyboard shortcut preferences for the mute is "Toggle Activated". I assigned mine to Keypad-0 so it works like Live. The wheel scrolling works fine these days.


answered Nov 12 '16 at 20:53 by amg56 (697)

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