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Different automation type!

alt text

drag midi notes from one clip to the other alt text


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Punch in = Armed tracks will record when playback reach loop start. Warning, do not enable record button, it will record everything from start if so.

Punch Out = Armet tracks that have punch in or record button enabled will stop record where the loop in arranger ends. The record button do not inflict here like with punch in.

Having both enabled will work like in gif below. alt text


answered Jan 08 '17 at 15:38 by Antuan (693)

using pen tool (3), holding alt and pressing will make step automation, the selected time grid time signature decide the steps being drawn alt text


answered Jan 08 '17 at 15:35 by Antuan (693)

MIDI note loop is available now. Looks like since 1.3.8RC1 alt text


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You can reverse, scale and automate your entire project! alt text


answered Jan 15 '17 at 23:18 by Antuan (693)

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