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OS: Win 7 BW 1.3.15

Hi there was trying to set up some Loops to tweak in Kontakt 5, making a Instrument. I build some nice, bounced to wav (maybe, think so) and want to work with the sample in Kontakt, but a easy drop into empty Kontakt is not possible. Want to try drop from Browser into Kontakt, but i cant finde my Bounce...and dropping Sample also not possible...

So i stuck here. Do i need to find the Sample in Kontakt after saving? rly? I need to save as WAV also because its a *.bwclip. Can i bounce to WAV?

So that implies:

  1. saving the bounce to a place (or drop on the browser)
  2. finde the place (from the browser) in Kontakt (save as quick jump, for further actions)

Any suggestions? Regards

If you right click here on the audio event, you'll have an option to "locate the containing folder" and you'll be able drag your sample to kontakt from that folder

alt text


answered Jan 08 '17 at 13:56 by Antuan (693)

Yeah works, thank u, but, how ever i can found this alone? Needs to be easier, right? Regards


answered Jan 08 '17 at 20:33 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

I agree, a direct drag and drop would be better


answered Jan 09 '17 at 11:29 by Antuan (693)

This is one of my least favorite things about Bitwig, so tedious, total workflow killer!


answered Dec 31 '18 at 01:15 by sticklebrick (480)

In BItwig Studio clip is not a sample, its a container. The clip can contain several different audio samples. Therefore unable to drop it directly into the Kontakt 5 makes perfect sense.

  — (Dec 31 '18 at 01:58) Enrize

Yes, I'm aware of this, I understand how it works, it's still a pain in the butt. Would be great if you could could just hold down a key while dragging and the clip was bounced to wav and dropped into said vst.

  — (Dec 31 '18 at 03:24) sticklebrick

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